About ICTM 2019

Magnus takes great pleasure to invite you for “International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Ethnomedical Research” scheduled on October 24-25 in Japan. 

ICTM 2019 aims to vanish the gap of communication and resource that act as a pebble in wide spreading your research and knowledge. 

Traditional Medicine and Ethnomedical Research conference is zealed with the collaboration of enthusiastic and ambidextrous group of professional who dedicated their valuable time in the field of research. The magnification of traditional medicine and Ethnomedical Research has a momentous impact on health care.

Scope of the conference: 

Traditional medicine 2019 has been wrapped with multipurpose tasks where sharing the knowledge is just not our aim, it also focuses on bringing everyone together with a familial atmosphere, where you can meet the dedicated professionals, professors, scientists and young scholars who shares the same area of interest, making it easy for information distribution in a convenient process.


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